Ethnic And Religious Conflict : The Utah War Essay

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One theme that can be seen worldwide is ethnic/religious conflict because it happened almost everyday. The reason this is caused is because people that are racist and have nothing better to do, decide to bother and discriminate on people that did nothing wrong. In all the articles that I have found the main thing that is shown is that a person judges the whole religion because of an act that one person/group did. Religious conflicts didn 't just start in the 21st century but rather it existed since the first religion was created, which goes way back before common era.

One historical example of religious conflict is the Utah War. The Utah war wasn 't exactly a war but rather a conflict for the Mormons. The Mormons are people who believe in the book of Mormon. The conflict that happened with the Mormon people is that they found the Mormon book in 1830 and tried to settle down in New York and build a Mormon temple but they New York government kicked them out. Then they had to flee to Ohio, same story, their next trip was Missouri and then Illinois, but finally after about 4 trips of harsh treatment they came to Utah in which they actually got to settle. A group of Mormon people came to Utah and found an open town and decided that they will make that they Mormon town and they built a Mormon temple to claim their territory. After about three years of peace the founder of the Mormon religion/book was arrested along with his brother, which brought great discrimination. Soon…

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