Similarities Between Mormonism And Christianity

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Mormonism vs Christianity The age old question of whether Mormons are Christians, the similarities and differences between the two. I myself am Mormon, I self-identify as Christian. I chose this topic due to the struggles I have faced living in the south. Mormons are small in numbers here in the south but mighty in spirit. I have faced a lot of persecution due to my beliefs here in the south that I did not face living in Arizona. If you look up the definition of Christian, it says in part anyone who believes in Christ or his teachings or is baptized in his name. The true name of the “Mormons” is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. One would assume with Christ in the name they would be considered Christians. Christianity …show more content…
You will still be taught of Christ and have the opportunity to accept him but your earthly sins will be taken into account when the 2nd coming of Christ happens. Mormons believe at that time you will be judged and placed into one of three separate “Heavens”. Marriage is between a man and a woman, this is a core belief of Christians as well as Mormons. Over 100 years ago the practice of polygamy was abolished by the Mormon religion. Still it is widely believed that the Mormons practice polygamy. The practice was adopted due to the widespread death, murder and persecution of the saints traveling west. In the 1800s the saints were persecuted and forced to head west. Many saints died along the wagon trails, during that time women could not own land. Many women lost their husbands and would have been left stranded had the practice of polygamy not been established. For a time, the Mormons took up the practice to ensure all saints were cared for. Once the time had passed and it was no longer a necessity the practice was abolished. In traditional Christian religions a pastor, priest, leader would give his life to the church to be a paid servant of the church. A Christian priest would go

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