Ethics and Social Justice Essay

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Nakita Davis
Walden University
Final Project: Ethics and Social Justice

Non-Profit organization
A non-profit organization is an organization that generally has the aim of serving the interests of the public. A nonprofit organization is a charitable organization that legally does not declare its profit but rather, it goes ahead and utilizes the revenue they have accumulated after their normal operating expenses in their services to the public interest. Therefore, the organization uses the surplus revenues to achieve their mission and purpose rather than dividing the income among the directors as dividends or profits.
Recently, in many countries all over the world, many nonprofit organizations have been exempted from income tax, as
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However, the acronym UNICEF was not dropped but instead, it continued to be used because it had become well known all over the globe (Morris, 2015). Today, UNICEF consists of a 36-member Executive Board, which has the mandate of establishing policies, approving the organization’s programs, as well as overseeing both the administrative and financial plans. Therefore, these 36-member Executive Board is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the organization (Marsico, 2014).
However, there are a lot of staffs who work with these organizations. Most of these UNICEF staff work on the field (Marsico, 2014). The organization has its services in more than one hundred and ninety countries. Therefore, the organization has set up some regional offices that have continuously helped the organization deliver quality services to the public they target. This is because they have country offices in every country that they work in (Marsico, 2014).
UNICEF relies on contributions from the governments, as well as some private donors. For them to initiate their projects and programs, they need donations and contributions so that they can manage to achieve their mission, as well as goals. However. Major contributions to the organization arise from the governments. Also, some individuals have of late contributed via national committees. In the year 1965, UNICEF was highly recognized, and it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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