AMHCA Code Of Ethics In Mental Health Counselor

Codes of Ethics are written standards that govern the conduct of a person. It’s a professional guideline that implicates the way a person works and the ethical decisions they make. Counselors abide by the Code of Ethics to provide support, moral, values and understanding in how utilize ethical decisions. This guide’s your role as a counselor, to have self-reflection and self-awareness in how you react morally dictating an individual belief, law and religion. Code of Ethics gives forth your professional responsibilities to direct, facilitate growth, development in how you administer and promote the formation of healthy relationships.
“This is a law formation of trust in the counseling relationship, responsibility to respect and safeguard the
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This organization was founded in 1989 to assist individuals in an association to support the mission of AMHCA; including students, educators and members. The mission of this organization states “Mental health counselors value objectivity and integrity in their commitment to understanding human behavior, and they maintain the highest standards in providing mental health counseling services”. It’s the counselor’s responsibility to disclose information and focus the session on the client. Information is also provided regarding client rights and contact information for the state counseling licensure authority. If written or given consent, you can communicate personal information is communicated as dictated by the state of law to emergency professionals or …show more content…
I’m going to live by the Code of Ethics and apply to my lifestyle. I want to be a vivid reflection on my work. I want to build trust and give respect to each one of my clients. I want to establish a foundation in my counseling session. I will implicate their confidentiality, limitations and guidance in my service. I plan to work client’s facing trauma, marriage/divorce, relationship issues, grievance, and abuse. I vowed to be honest, fair and cooperative in my professional environment. I want to treat and asses each person with a plan that offers reasonable promise of success and remain consistent with my abilities, temperament, developmental level, and circumstances of clients. I will be empathetic and compassionate in their therapeutic counseling session. I will self-disclose and abide by my ethical standards of the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics. I promise to identify and understand the ethical considerations relevant to professional counselors and counselors-in-training. I desire to be effective in my ethical obligations when faced with a dilemma. I will skill guidance when needed but reflect back to the Code of Ethics I was taught to resolve difficult situations. I will consider cultural diversity every aspect of my work and make ethical decisions. Counselors acknowledge that resolving ethical issues is a process; ethical

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