Ethics Reflection Paper

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Ethics Reflection Paper


July 26, 2010
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Ethics Reflection Paper

Before WorldCom and Enron, many organizations unconditionally placed social and ethical responsibility with administrative legal and compliance obligations, regulations and rules. Today, a company’s ethical behavior is vital to the success of the company. Consumers not only expect but demand that a company is visible in their practices and are held accountable for their actions; be it through internal regulations and rules through the involvement of the government. In this paper, there will be discussions of the social responsibility and role of ethics as it relates to the development of a strategic plan and how the ethical
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In regards to Social responsibility, this can be identified by the current oil spill brought on by BP. The issue with the oil spill surrounding BP Oil Company has been all over the news over the last couple weeks. There has not been one television, newspaper, news program station that has not centered their focus on the amount of damage caused throughout the waters of North America. The oil spill has been addressed by the current president Obama and the steps the government will take to ensure the organization BP appropriately handles the spill accordingly. The public relations department along with the CEO has made media appearances and implemented commercials to advise the world that funds have been set aside to aid in the areas directly affected by the spill. By BP recognizing and responding to the legal and social responsibilities and obligations, the organization can carry out the actions as currently outlined above. This shows that the organization took ownership for their actions and demonstrated a collaborative effort to include the employees of BP’s their communities and suppliers in which they operate as well as the extent the company many attempts to clean up the spill and protect the environment. During this course, it appears that the author’s ethical perspectives have evolved over the past year. When completing the DQ’s due for this week, Enron was one of the companies that was first to come to mind when

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