Ethics Paper

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Levi Martin, 70547
November 24, 2013

When considering the world and the general view of what ethics would consist of, many possibly would think that it is simply the code of humanity. In general ethics is possibly the most diverse and complex system of theories used daily. On a day to day basis many humans and animals are a like in which they will survive merely on the use of ethical decision making. Ethical living will primarily consist of decisions and choices, values and morals, consequences and results. To live a good life and to be good at living is greatly influenced by the happiness and outcomes attained through decision making. As I read and studied through this class, I pin pointed three main details that
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Always keep in mind that what must be done is a must. You can still be respectable by following through with justice. Justice cannot be unfair or too just, because true justice is already fair. To live by a good Golden Mean takes time. You cannot simply mold a good person overnight. With this being said you should often show courtesy and be considerate, and not just when it is beneficial or convenient. The next principle I would like notably bring into all aspects of my daily life would definitely be the ideal of The Good Life. The ideals for a good life will be used by everyone, everywhere, as long as they are interacting with living creatures especially humans. A good life is led by remaining true to your principles no matter how others may feel about it. Your values are yours, and you should value them or no one else will think that they need to. If you try to fake yourself by pretending you do not care that someone or something is not what you would consider to be a morally correct activity or decision, then soon enough you will not hold those values anyhow. Understanding that no one is willfully evil, if they know the truth if the situation will help you to accept others when they may appear to be flawed. Truth should not be confused with appearance. Knowing that truth should not be

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