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Jonathan White
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Final Paper: Kimpton Hotel Earthcare Program

1.) One aspect of their efforts was to establish a major environmental initiative called Earthcare. Kimpton started out by recycling trash, phones, batteries, buying organic coffees and teas, and serving organic wines at their evening wine hours. They started educating their cleaning staff to use green products, and also held weekly meetings with Earth Care champions in every hotel and restaurant. With the new greening program in motion, Kimpton new cut back has achieve some success in reducing cost. Their efforts have reduced pollution and hazardous waste, reused or recycled material, and operated with greater energy efficiency. As a result,
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3.) One hurdle Earthcare faces is introducing the old Kimpton staff to newer greener approach. It can be difficult to tell a staff that has work for Kimpton for years to now change their ways of doing work. Kimpton managers face challenges of potential resistance by hotel staff to the new products and procedures. One solution is to find new employees who truly care about the environmental issue and enlist them in the development and execution of the new program. Kimpton faces a difficult decision in deciding whether to replace the current equipment with organic and eco-friendly products. The investment in Earthcare may take long time to recognize, while expense of purchase new environmental equipment can be added up in short period. To help solve this problem, Kimpton can develop an across-the-board marketing program, to show customers the impact of environmental issues and promote the value of being eco-friendly and encouraging the trend of using green products.

4.) Now that Kimpton has conducted its 1st phase of the Earthcare program. They are now focused on making the hotel staff more comfortable with the concept of greener management. Establishing a team of Eco-product specialist is extremely necessary which could be proven as a key component of the eco-champion network. By facilitating the program’s goals and achievements it could help motivate employees to come to grasp the new system. Kimpton can also sell the recycled products in the hotels

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