Ethics In The Workplace Essay

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In today 's society, it is becoming natural to question the relevance of ethics. Contestants on reality television shows are rewarded with sums as large as $1,000,000 for activities such as lying, cheating, backstabbing and otherwise playing the game. In the middle of downsizing, mergers and accusations , is it fair to hold America to a high set of standards as they only do what needs to be done.
How do ethics make you a better person in the workplace? It’s more crucial than ever to have an ethical workplace. You should know how to handle common ethical dilemmas you may face, both on and off the job. You need to develop and refine your own “code of ethics.” It’s very difficult to define ethics in the workplace. Being ethical involves conducting yourself in accordance with accepted principles of right and wrong. Some issues may be black and white, lots of ethical issues involve gray areas. Misrepresenting time or hours work is unethical. Lying to supervisors is unethical. Lying to co-workers, customers, vendors, or the public is unethical. Misuse of your employer’s assets is unethical. Lying on reports or falsifying records is unethical. Ethics is needed in the workplace. You are responsible for policing
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Safety violations. Time theft. Stealing is unethical in the workplace because you are taking money for work you don 't do. 88 percent of respondents are more likely to want to work for a company that is considered ethically and socially responsible. 56 percent say that in deciding where to work, an organization’s reputation for ethical conduct is ‘very important.’ 26 percent would be prepared to accept a lesser role or a lower salary to work for a firm with a strong environmental and community conscience.A total of 48 percent of baby boomers would be prepared to take a pay cut or a demotion in order to work with a socially conscientious employer, followed by Gen X at 28 percent and Gen Y at 24

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