Conscience Of The Competitive Edge Case Study

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Recognition of Ethical Issue
The following case study presents several different ethic issues that can based on a domestic and global scale that challenges cultural relativism, economic development, and value systems. These different lenses of ethical issues can be seen through the case study “Conscience of the Competitive Edge?”
The main subject, Olivia Jones, in the case is an employee of a United Kingdom company that makes fabrics, and clothing for a cheap prince. She was given a four-day all-inclusive and luxurious trip that allowed her to see the seemingly good part of her job and the possibilities that awaits her, however, upon request she is taken to see a factory where these products are produced. Jones sees the conditions and area
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Company, has the ability to think higher and use a more midlevel ethical reasoning system of utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is the based on the concept that a choice can be made that benefits the greatest good for large population. They have the choice to start making a change and difference that can revolutionize an unethical industry by either improving the working conditions, or restructure the way the company obtains and produces fabrics. This will be done with great difficulty because of the culture that surrounds the industry. As stated in the study, these unpleasant work conditions as mention previously the factory workers’ conditions were typical for the industry. It is the social and cost effective normality for the company to see. As well, one can argue that workers complete their time with pride, and dignity. However, within this local culture it is known that there is a better way. This will require a self-sacrifice for the company and may raise costs within its industry, however, the greater good would to improve the lives of others and produce an item that has more than good quality and cheap price, but a product that is ethically correct as …show more content…
First, she would need to communicate with others about her concerns and what she witnessed. This process will help Jones see the ethical stand point her company may a line themselves with and possibly seek allies within the company. If that does not work she can seek allies outside of the company and begin to collect data and evidence that the can help her case. Some evidence that she seek are violations of rule/regulation, threat to public interest, and health/safety regulations. This will hopefully eventually improve the conditions workers in Bombay are producing in, and force a change within the company. Then she can look at several different approaches that she can try in order to reveal the true nature of the company. The evidence gathered can test against the media, self, mirror, and being a good person.
Overall, it is possible to be an ambitious employee exercising a social conscience. It is the role of ethics and the implementation of different ethic codes in business that can help further enhance a revolution of change that allows people to be driven not only successful but to be successful in way that doesn’t cause harm to society and allows for individual feel good about their career. It starts with the creation of different courses, testing’s, agreements, seminars, polices, legal requirements, and overall a

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