Essay on Ethics And The Workplace Ethics

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Workplace ethics refers to a set of principles that outlines the good and wrong behavior in an organization. Workplace ethics are the aspects that enable a company to be profitable in its efforts. Every organization has specific guidelines that every employee has to observe. Workplace ethics facilitates teamwork and high morale of employees (Donaldson 83). Companies that encourage ethics initiatives have high productivity than companies that take corporate ethics as a compliance issue. These companies also have high employee retention. For a person to be considered as ethical, the person has to conduct him or herself according to the right, and wrong principles. Ethics involves using procedures of decision making that are based on integrity, to guide in making personal decisions. For one to be ethical in the workplace, it involves being honest, acting morally, no cheating to the employer, customers or co-workers, no stealing and treating the co-workers well. Other situations of ethics may involve using the internet inappropriately and harassment. It is important to know the various aspects of the workplace ethics and differentiating between right and wrong. It is also important for one to know certain things that should not be done in the workplace. Ethics of an employee are very important to the employer. There is a need for workplace ethics in any organization for it to have a consistent success. If a workplace does not have ethical standards, the employer may have a risk…

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