Essay on Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Ethics and Social Responsibilities

Randall Blow


July 14, 2016
Lela Dennis

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Responsibility is an act whereby an individual or organization is accountable for an action done. An individual or organization ethical responsibility is to act, recognize and interpret on certain values and principles according to given standard that exist in a locality or context (Treviño, et al., 2014). What type of behavior do ethics determine that is acceptable in a given context? What is good and what is wrong doing this process. While social responsibility is acting with an ethical framework whereby an individual or organization is required to act for the benefit of the society has a whole (Suciu
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All organizations, companies and businesses are seeking to achieve high standard of profit that they should make decisions on that are ethical and that will help society benefit on in social network. Dilemmas sometimes happen when an enterprise or organization has arrived at or on a decision that will help the company bring in large profits when looking at whether it is wrong or right about the decision that is to be found unethical.

There is a tobacco organization within Philadelphia that has a plant there. The manufacture of this tobacco company have cigarettes which are smoked by the local and out of state residents and other exported or packaged to other parts of the universe. Since cigarettes was introduction into the area, smoking has become so rampant. The youth and elderly at one point have been spotted smoking products and other items produced by this company or business. This has brought a big addiction to the community or local area as people or residents can easily have access to them items. So society is seeing this as some negative implications in which the plant operates it business or company.

The organization has tried some much to reduce the emission of toxic or gasses to the atmosphere and other discharges to culture and the environment, that is consider to

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