Ethics And Social Justice : Code Of Ethics Essay

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Ethics and Social Justice
Code of Ethics
According to Cooper (2012), codes of ethics are what provides the external controls for the organization. The beliefs, mission and vision are the guiding force for the employee’s professional behavior. Schein (1985) is an identified group (organization) having shared history and long standing tradition (Kurtz, 2003). Within a faith based organization, the assumption is that the creation of policies and practice will be of the highest ethical standards.
Employees are also expected to provide services within the scope of their training and expertise. Employees are also expect to provide services that are new to them only after adequate training and appropriate supervision and consultation, consistent with best practices for the needed care.
As a public administrator it is essential to measure the effectiveness of the program and curtail the risk. It is incumbent on the public administrator to ensure that staff are equipped with tools to ethical decision making following the Universal Principles and Values, (EPIC) empathy, understanding the thoughts and needs of others, patience- taking time to understand before we act, integrity – honesty and truth in all situations and courage – doing what is right, even when difficult (

In accordance with the Charitable Choice laws, and to keep church and state separate, the FBOs are required to: protect the religious autonomy and character of faith based organizations that…

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