Ethics and Corporate Responsiblility in the Workplace and the World

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Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the World

PharmaCARE (We CARE about YOUR health®) is one of the world’s most successful pharmaceutical companies, enjoying a reputation as a caring, ethical and well-run company that produces high-quality products that save millions of lives and enhance the quality of life for millions of others. The company offers free and discounted drugs to low-income consumers, has a foundation that sponsors healthcare educational programs and scholarships, and its CEO serves on the PhRMA board. PharmaCARE recently launched a new initiative, We CARE about YOUR world, pledging its commitment to the environment through recycling, packaging changes and other green
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Stakeholders include people who could influence project decisions. These people display a interests that is critical to the project success. Typically Project Stakeholders include Team Members, Sponsors, Senior Management, Customers, Government agencies and competitors. The interest, Influence and Importance of various stakeholders in a project could vary. Stakeholders are classified based on the following characteristics: interest, involvement, affects position relative to the organization and their level in the organization (Halbert, 2012).
There are several Universal Declaration human rights issues presented by PharamaCARE treatment to the indigenous population versus that of its executives. Some human rights issues presented were: 1. We are all free and equal- We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated in the same way. 2. Workers’ rights - Every grown-up has the right to do a job, to a fair wage for their work, and to join a trade union. 3. No Slavery – past and present. Nobody has any right to make us a slave. We cannot make anyone our slave.
The International Human Rights Law lays down the obligations of Governments to act in certain ways or to refrain from certain acts, in order to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups (Halbert, 2012). PharamaCARE pay their workers’ $1 a day to provide their

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