Ethics And Code Of Conduct Essay example

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Ethics and Code of conduct in Employee Recruitment
The most important aspect of any enterprise is recruiting the best talent, despite the process being significantly challenging. The need for diversification of skills and abilities enhances the development of a robust and complete team with the capacity to deliver under different circumstances. Human resource managers have an obligation to design and implement programs that are non-discriminative to ensure a fair and efficient process is achieved. Ethical employment and recruitment decisions are important in maintaining a workplace culture towards the right direction and in turn enhancing competitiveness and profitability (Collins, 2012).

The increased costs in employment litigation cases demand that firms follow the proper steps to avoid involvement in avoidable lawsuits. Flaws in the hiring process are the greatest contributors to the recruitment of unethical employees, requiring the design of comprehensive hiring programs that aims at getting the best workers and not just numbers (Collins, 2009). Both the employer and the job seeker are bound by law to exercise and adhere to the codes of practice, hence avoiding undertakings that may lead to a breach of the law. In so doing, the entire system will be fair, and the deserving employees get the opportunity to prove their abilities at work.
Hiring Ethical People

In order to maintain a high integrity work tradition, it is necessary to hire ethical job seekers. Hiring people…

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