Essay on Ethical Treatment of Animals

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Ethical Treatment of Animals

The treatment of animals is all around us, we can watch television and we see it, it is in newspapers, on our computers as we browse, and we can even see bulletins as we walk down the street. Many different chains that are involved in animal cruelty are unknown to others, we can all start to wonder after some research has come before us to read. Then you can think about what you have bit into (literally) and swallowed.
“Fast food chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King are major players in the Production, marketing, and consumption of animal-derived food throughout the world”.(Abstract)
In doing some research in August 22 ,2006 in the city of Chicago being the first to ban restaurants to sell
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It would be really hard to tell what else others do not know about what happens at these kinds of places. Not only do things happen like this at factory farms and slaughterhouses, it happens at peoples houses too. Such as cruelty to dogs, cats, and other animals: on small farms animals are often starved, beaten, and neglected. It is happening all around us and we act like we do not know about it or just

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