Essay about Ethical Standards For Commercial Enterprise

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Ethics are the moral guidelines which govern good behavior in our own lives, and in the lives of other individuals. It is important to act ethically on an individual basis, however it is also important for organizations or businesses to act ethically as well. Business Ethics would be the application of ethical standards to commercial enterprise. In the business world they often have a set of written guidelines that are issued by each organization, to its workers and management that is meant to help them conduct their actions in accordance with its primary values and ethical standards. These guidelines are referred to as the company’s code of ethics. Depending on the company, a code of ethics document can vary, but basically included many similar values and rules. They help a business to show to all internal and external constituents the standards that govern its conduct, and includes topics such as conflicts of interest, health and safety in the workplace, gifts, kickbacks, confidentiality, protection of the environment, employment practices, security, honesty, and adherence to the law, just to name a few. This document is a wonderful thing to have, but the truth is if individuals within the organization do not adhere to these values it is meaningless, and can cause havoc on many lives. An example of unethical behavior by a business was a cover up, of toxic pollution, by oil giant, Chevron. A foreign court recently ordered them to pay a judgement for the amount of $8.6 to…

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