Essay on Ethical Principles

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An Analysis of Ethical Principles in The Evaluation The term ‘ethical’, as I have come to apprehend it, is not just conforming to putative standards of conduct, but dealing with what is good or bad and with moral duty and obligation. Thomas A. Schwandt, a professor at the University of Illinois, notes that “while we can live in a world without standards and guidelines, we cannot live in a world without ethics.” Although, standards and guidelines have become prominent and are important guides in today’s evaluation process, a greater emphasis is laid on high ethical standards. Evaluators are faced with challenging issues in which they are expected to act in ways that are consistent with the principles of the company and epitomize exemplary …show more content…
Somsak from resigning. After the incident, Evans was advised to pay close attention to their cultural values. After all, Asians and Europeans behave differently and have different cultures. However, Evans noticed that his fellow predecessors did not apply the standard approach in evaluating the Thai locals. Subsequently, he knew that the evaluation issue was one to “be tackled head-on.” The evaluation process was an important issue because the company was looking for experienced managers to relocate to new subsidiaries in the future. He therefore decided, knowing that a common standard was required, to implement the evaluation system proposed by the company’s headquarters. Evans and his colleagues recognized Somsak’s hard work and dedication to the company. His other boss praised him for his “exceptional performance.” However, Somsak had failed to meet some of the goals set by Evans. After sessions of interviews and contemplations, Evans decided to award Somsak with an overall C grade. A “visibly hurt and uncomprehending” Somsak questioned the new approach, and Evans observed that his behavior was affecting his team. He has to make a decision on whether to “compromise his principle’s and upgrade Somsak, or stick to his guns and risk losing him.” Now, the question of how Evans should tackle this dilemma elevates.
Looking at this problem from an Egoist perspective, our decision maker, Evans, should act in a way that satisfies his own self-interest even

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