Essay On Impact Of Management On Globalization

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Globalization has been a human activity since the era of human colonialism and the more recent globalization as has been evident in the post cold war era. We have seen the dominance of global corporations like Walmart, Mcdonalds, Toyota etc. Most of these corporations Franchises in particular have used standardized methods of management especially in relation to the Management framework (P-O-L-C).

Good management has played a huge role towards the success of Global business as they seek to enter new markets, raw material and cheap labor from abroad, Such were obviously strategic moves as the corporations were exploiting opportunities and obviously encountered competition from new markets
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This is in light of the difficulties they encounter when considering the difference in culture from the different regions business is being conducted. Such managers have to get the best out of their teams to satisfy such specific needs of different customers/clients from different demographic regions. One can consider culture, ethics when one approaches marketing, effects business activities has on the environment, management styles and communication. These managers face challenges through language when relaying information to teams from different regions and as certain approaches can be considered offensive and impolite. One example could be that of the United States where one just gives a straight answer in delivering bad news when it’s a no yet in a country like Japan one would have to be none committal and the background or rather say we will see. Issues like whether a manager should reward individual performance, countries that prefer rewarding performance use training to develop their employees yet in some regions employees are rewarded based on family background. Such is the case in a country like Swaziland where it’s still a monarch. Promotions are based on how close one is to royalty. Even when one intends to start a business in such a country one has to ensure he includes royalty as one can easily be frustrated by …show more content…
Ethics play an important role to the success of a manager as it helps their team to be able to do the right thing .Ethical issues arise in different areas like advertising, sourcing of raw materials, pay scales, safety, employee privacy, product pricing and communication. Ethical behavior obviously affects the manager in their approach to conducting business. This is so since subordinates will always look up to management on how to conduct themselves. Managers have to obviously lead by example in upholding those values especially in regions where there are codes of ethics expected from those institutions. This is the case in the USA with the Sarbanes-Oxley act which sought to reform the countries corporate governance practices in public corporations. These acts could relate to different professions or industry. These codes of ethics would be considered in cases of conflict of interest, disclosure of relevant information, compliance to laws and codes of ethics. These ethical issues affect managers in decision making as these decisions affect the image of the organization having an effect on sustainability. Some managers had to rely on studies on corporate governance and subscribe to certain bodies to remain relevant as some codes of ethics come with strict penalties for none adherences and goodwill can adversely be affected. This is mostly the case when ethical issues are

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