Ethical Principles Of A Health Information Manager Essay examples

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A health information manager (HIM) is responsible for health information records and services. According to the Health Information Technology and Management textbook, “the mission of the HIM professional is based on core professional values developed since the inception of the Association in 1928”. As a healthcare professional we are held to a code of ethics set forth by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). As stated in the Health Information Technology and Management textbook these ethical obligations include, “the protection of the patient’s privacy and confidential information; development, use and maintenance of health information systems and health records; and the quality of information.’ The HIM professional has an obligation to demonstrate actions that reflect values, ethical principles and ethical guidelines. The AHIMA code of ethics serves six purposes, to identify core values on which the HIM mission is based, to summarize broad ethical principles that reflect the professional’s core values and establishes a set of ethical principles to be used to guide decision-making and actions, to help HIM professionals identify relevant considerations when professional obligations conflict or ethical uncertainties arise, to provide ethical principles by which the general public can hold the HIM professional accountable, to socialize practitioners new to the field to HIM’s mission, values and ethical principles, and finally to articulate a set of…

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