Essay on Ethical Principles and Organizational Issues

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Ethical Principles and Organizational Issues
Sidney Holsey
February 23, 2014
Irma Flores-Brothers

Ethical Principles and Organizational Issues

Ethical principles and organizational issues are an area of the corporate world that successful businesses practice and adhere to on a regular basis. The significance is ever important as the growth and development of technology in continuous. Companies need to be conscious of ethical responsibilities of their products and decisions. Privacy is becoming ever problematic due to the fact that companies can gain access to individuals’ information by way of website history. This information is attainable as a person frequents to a website and develops customer trends through
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Southern Company prides itself on the value known as Southern Style, the framework for its’ corporate as well as professional values (, 2015). The three principles of Southern Style are: Unquestionable Trust; Trustworthiness, respect, equality, and honor initiative our performance. Retained assurances, along with ethical performance, are the standard. Superior Performance: Dedication to grander presentation throughout the business. Significances included are safety initially, joint effort, diversity, and constant progress through leadership. Total Commitment: Commitment to the achievement of personnel, consumers, and stockholders, and to the social responsibility and stewardship in all our activities (, 2015).
Southern Company’s ethical behaviors link to Southern Style, which advises proper business conduct. Each code provision addresses a significant dimension to the business. Southern Company relishes on treating others with respect, equality, self-respect, and equal opportunity to all persons. Provocation, bullying, or judgment grounded on gender, age, race, religious preference, disability, national derivation, or sexual alignment cannot be accepted.
External social pressure has quickly become the driving force in business

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