Ethical Issues With The Healthcare Professionals Essay

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The refusal of observations by John could potentially place his health at risk by preventing early detection of deterioration, this left the MDT with a moral dilemma. When discussing ethical dilemmas it was important in John’s case to involve all members of the MDT. Rich and Butts (2014) suggest that ethical decisions should involve all healthcare professionals in a patients care intervention. Similarly Finlay (2008) encourages the involvement of the patient in discussing ethical problems along with the healthcare professionals (in Ellis, 2015).
Taking into account the four principles of biomedical ethics (Childress and Beauchamp, 2009) the MDT could justify their reason to try and encourage John, as a team, to reconsider his refusal to treatment. It would be in his best interest (beneficence) to have the regular observations done to trigger any deterioration in his condition. This would potentially protect him from harm (non-maleficence) by providing an intervention if required. He would still remain autonomous (autonomy) in his decisions and the staff would respect this regardless of their own views and beliefs. Finally John would be given justice because he would be treated equally and fairly, and given the same options as any other patient in a similar situation.
Both the student nurse, mentor and doctor have to follow their respective professional codes of practice in the delivery of care to John that guide and regulate professional and ethical practice. All members…

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