Ethical Issues Of Walmart

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When an organization adheres to the set of principles, values and standards set by themselves and the laws that govern them, they are seen as ethical. In society today, many organizations are working hard to maintain their status industry but fail to comply with their corporate responsibility and values. According to the course textbook, many of these issues relate to overly aggressive financial or business objectives. When C- level executives engage in unethical or questionable business practices, they risk loosing the trust and confidence of their employees, clients and other members of the business community. They are all known as the foundation of the organization. A company cannot grow on a broken foundation. Due to that, many organizations are stripped down of their values and influence because their corruption. …show more content…
Businesses like Wal-Mart have been deemed very unethical when corruption scandals engulfed the company. Wal-Mart is said to be one of the largest retail enterprises and also the world’s largest employer. A lot of allegations have been made against Wal-Mart over the years and these issues have caused a great backlash in the status and name of the company. Over the years there have been reports of bribery amongst the Mexican officials, inadequate wage payments to employees and unauthorized plants constructions which made them responsible for the death of over 100 employees. These are only a few of many

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