Ethical Issues Of Affordable Care Act Essay

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The Affordable Care Act was a reform set by Barack Obama. This act was created in order to help individuals take care of themselves by improving the access to health care services. This act was meant to help reduce premium cost for many working families by being able to provide families with billions of dollars in tax relief. Another thing that the act reduces is the number of cash expenses that families used to have to pay from out of pocket expenses. The Affordable Care Act requires hospitals and medical facilities to give patients health care services with full coverage so that people will not have any out of pocket expenses. Also, the Affordable Care Act changed the lives of many people because more individuals started having access to health care services that they did not have before. All in all, the Affordable Care Act had positive outcomes once it was created because the demand for health services increased, the insurance coverage expanded, and the performance on health sectors improved (ObamaCare Facts: An Independent Site For ACA Advice, 2016).
Three Ethical Issues of Affordable Care Act
The three ethical issues that the Affordable Care Act faces is that it must protect patients from health care providers that may be incompetent or engage in frauds. Also, more ethical issues that the Affordable Care Act faces are moral foundations, cost containment, access to care, public health, and more. The Affordable Care Act’s main focus is to protect and improve the health of…

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