Ethical Issues In Teacher Education Essay

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Education is an ongoing process with the pursuit of furthering students ability to have a positive impact on academic communities. Academic communities are affected everyday by ethical issues. Differences and similarities between us categorise and label us in society as well as on academic communities. This has effects on the learning environment teachers try to provide for their students. Although, ethnic patterns are changing within the classroom every year, the Teacher must know how to execute certain topics thoroughly without a student 's background characterizing them. Many diverse ethnic groups are rising in the United States schooling systems. Teachers can face ethical dilemmas. The educators must create an intense, yet calming diverse climate in order to support ethnic minority students. A student interacting in a classroom environment with ethnic diversity …show more content…
Some schools do not push for academic moral awareness and it concludes in negative feeling environments within classrooms. Ethical issues have become a mandatory part of teacher education programs. Addressing professional ethical behavior of teachers are is mandatory as part of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education includes; moral motivation training, moral judgement, and moral sensitivity. This is used to expose teachers to be more involved with events in the real world, therefore, showing empathy with the student. This motivates the use of moral values over personal values, which is the correct way to be within a professional environment, especially when collaborating with young developing learners. As an instructor in an academic community, the first moral of duty is to provide students with

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