Classroom Ethics Case Study

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Education is an ongoing process with the pursuit of furthering students ability to have a positive impact on academic communities. Academic communities are affected everyday by ethical issues. Differences and similarities between us categorise and label us in society as well as on academic communities. This has effects on the learning environment teachers try to provide for their students. Although, ethnic patterns are changing within the classroom every year, the Teacher must know how to execute certain topics thoroughly without a student 's background characterizing them. Many diverse ethnic groups are rising in the United States schooling systems. Teachers can face ethical dilemmas. The educators must create an intense, yet calming diverse climate in order to support ethnic minority students. A student interacting in a classroom environment with ethnic diversity displayed will create an enhanced feeling of acceptance while learning. These gestures encourages students to get informed with racial, cultural and ethnic differences to ensure a positive learning environment between piers. The most important strength of the public school system in American classrooms is cultural aspects. In all classrooms there are …show more content…
“The paradigm of the profession focuses on moral aspects and questions specific to schools, much like other professions have done, e.g., medical ethics, legal ethics, and business ethics.” (Stefkovich & O’Brien, 2004; Warnick & Silverman, 2011). The student should feel as though their cultures and values are not underlooked. Having discussion about cultures in the classroom is an important building block for students to connect with one another. By conducting activities that demand student collaboration will expose the students to a world cultures, broadening students’ understanding of each other and the world around

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