The Importance Of Education In American Public Schools

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Aristotle once wrote, ¨educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all¨. Aristotle’s message is intended to be heard by high school students because it is important that our education system is created to benefit students. Students wanting to succeed and learn are more likely to achieve higher grades than students who slip into bad study habits and are not engaged in the classroom (Haynes and Berkowitz 1). In today’s society, many students are not becoming educated in an ethical manner and do not demonstrate the ability to lead. These core principles are propelling students to achieve success and are important to the development of an individual student. Therefore, our educators must ensure that they are successfully preparing …show more content…
Public schools are where students from different economic, racial, religious, and family backgrounds come together to learn and thus represents the perfect place for teaching society-wide ethics (McCrea 1). Instead students are bombarded with a heavy course load that includes topics that many will find insignificant in their daily lives. What if students were able to learn directly from students? This idea has the ability to enhance a student 's learning and world viewpoints significantly. For example, if ethnic minorities were to speak about how the immigration process affected them, maybe Americans would be less likely to favor a candidate such as Donald Trump. If the school administration and teachers were able to realize this flaw in our education system, we may be able to make an impact on future generations and enhance student …show more content…
Many find themselves taking extra classes throughout the summer to prepare for college because they have not mastered math and reading concepts that are vital to a college workload. Math and reading scores continue to plummet on state issued standardized tests because many schools districts simply don’t have the resources to prepare their students correctly. In inner city schools, for example, students are already at a disadvantage because they come from areas of gang and drug violence and are not educated properly. The United States continues to ignore this phenomenon as they give out college entrance exams that inner city students have not been given the resources to succeed on. This leaves many in a state of frustration because they are not able to compete with students who have been given proper preparation. In conclusion, teaching students how to take standardized tests is not benefiting the United States of America because by educating students on how to take standardized tests, many American schools are at a disadvantage right from the start.

Because preparing our future generation for the workforce is important for global competition and success, America must ensure that we are preparing students correctly. In doing this, we are able to create students who

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