Ethical Issues In Same Sex Marriage

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In our society, there are many ethical issues that need to be considered There are issues that need adequate attention, one of these issues being same-sex marriage. same-sex marriage is a subject that besets many citizens to this day; it produces multiple ongoing debates and disputes. Amongst the myriad of rights that homosexuals are denied to, they suffer mistreatment and discrimination in our society. Refusing their right to marriage refuses their fundamental human rights. Contrary to most societal views, it is ethical to treat same-sex couples as we treat heterosexual couples. Albeit, there continues to be a collective who believe it is unethical to present them with these marital rights.

To an extent, religious communities, as well as
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Additionally, Catholic Catechism #2333 states that men and women must accept and acknowledge their sexuality. The needs and mutual support between the sexes determine the harmony of the couple and of the society. Regarding this statement, same-sex couples must acquire the basic needs and rights that are available to heterosexual couples, while demanding mutual support from society to obtain those rights to reach full harmony (“Catechism of the Catholic Church”). Overall, there are multiple Catholic Catechisms that can be used to support the ethical treatment towards same-sex …show more content…
Their rights continue to be threatened, and they continue to be victimized by discrimination and the law. Many religious affiliations and the general collective believe that it is ethical to treat same-sex couples as traditional couples; they are like everyone else and possess the same qualities. These denied rights are not privileges, but a necessity in their lives. We must fight for equal rights and obtain more support in the community in order to gain attention towards the topic and for same-sex marriage to be accepted Simply, we must ask ourselves who the real threat is, to ask ourselves if it is a crime to love

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