Ethical Issues In Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence(AI) Is a branch of a Computer Science and the development of the Computer Systems that are able to perform tasks that require human intelligence such as speech recognition, decision makings, and more.AI is used in wide range of fields which include medical diagnosis and robots and more.It is ethical to use artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis and treatments according to the ethical theory "act of utilitarianism " which states that an action is good if its net effect is to produce more happiness than unhappiness that benefits exceed its harm.The reason for choosing this ethical theory is that it favors more on good outcomes than the bad outcomes.
AI is vastly used in many fields and medical is
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isidentified a 60-year-old woman’s leukemia.But Watson IA machine was able to examine the vast database research papers and made a successful diagnosis in minutes.Not only that ,AI machine is able to tell the …show more content…
Further talking about a violation of patient privacy.Every AI machines have limitation like any other machines which can be hacked or misused that can lead to the privacy violation of personal information .However the intensity , certainty, and extent of this happening is relatively extremely low due to the fact that most of the AI machines have new and improved access management system which includes biometric passwords such as hand or facial recognition or combination of both) that provides a least privilege access the organisation prevents any random person from excessing it.[2].The artificial intelligent machine does have encryption system to encrypt the data.However, that might not be enough to protect the data from being hacked.So according to the article by CyberRisk , AI machines have adaptive learning algorithms designed into its intelligent security system which has the potential to identify and respond to threats as occurs.Moreover,AI also has a great ability to increase the scale of resistance that a system has to an ongoing attack.The article further states that if the organization has a large amount of hardware connected to the internet, it is possible for cyber-assault to attack one of these.In response to these attacks, AI is Able to take countermeasures in real life.Since these mechanisms are backed by AI.In addition to that , there are dedicated agencies out there protecting and preserving personal information of a person.This shows that even if the

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