Essay on Ethical Dilemma Of A Medical Laboratory Headquarters

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One ethical dilemma that I faced was, about four years ago while I was working for a well- renowned Medical Laboratory Headquarters. I covered up valuable information for a person I thought was reliable worker and friend. I thought he made an honest mistake. One summer afternoon while I was performing my daily tasks of Records Assistant Clerk, a phone call came to my desk instead of any of the other nine colleagues in my department, including my immediate supervisor. At first the conversation started off normal as patients would ask for us to check if laboratory results were ready and when they would be, but there was more this patient. She waited approximately six weeks for her Pap smear result to return. At the time, Pap smears were not done in house, but they were referred to a pathology lab we used. I checked the system (Laboratory Information System) for the name she gave but found nothing. I switched her name around to see if someone had entered it as first name for last but I found nothing. I used her date of birth and again, I found nothing. The patient began to sound disturbed as she hissed her teeth and asked, “How can this be when she has a receipt?” That receipt proved that something wasn’t done and so I had to assure her that I would find her information and get back to her.
I found the situation to be very strange as I have never seen such a case. I have however seen situations where names were spelt incorrectly or last name entered for first but her entire…

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