Essay on Ethical Decisions Are Not Only Broken By Professionals

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Ethical decisions are not only broken by professionals. Community members are also part of ethical dilemmas. In this case one can argue that ethical concerns can be observed in both community and institutional settings. Professionals that work within correctional facilities are ethically challenged on day-to-day bases. Community members also play an important role within the correctional system. Issues like societies acceptance towards ex-offenders can question community member’s ethical approach. As well as corruption within prison and victimization among inmates. Another issue that correctional professional faces are Policy vs. Confidentiality challenges. It is highly important as a professional to obey by policy rules while maintaining confidentiality with inmates. Both community members and correctional employees are partially responsible for offender’s rehabilitation process both inside and outside of prison. How offenders are treated inside of institutional settings determines the behavior an offender may have when released back into society. How community members treat offenders determine if he/ she will commit a deviant act again. This is when issues regarding ethical decision emerge in both community and institutional settings.
Corruption within correctional institutions (Victimization)
The idea of rehabilitation for offenders is far beyond misinterpreted. Issues like inmate vs. inmate victimization occur all the time. "Your eighteen-year-old cellmate, Sam was…

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