Ethical Decision Making Essay

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Evaluation of Ethical
Decision-Making Models In today’s time, it is wise to have ethical principles in the counseling fields due to working with people who ethics are not of standards. There action may range from improper verbiage to the extreme of improper physical contact. In this review, we have two distinctive views to demonstrate models of effective decision-making. Corey’s and his team of authors have adapted two dimension of decision-making models based on ethical principles. The goals for these designs are to ensure ethical protocol to guide the counselor to resolve a favorable outcome for the clients. are motivated by the question “What Shall I Do.” On the other hand, we have Dolgoff’s and his team of authors who inspired
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Dolgoff however has embraced a different philosophy. The system he embraces has a compassion for the well-being of his client. Therefore, he adapts the seven virtue principles to his models of ethical decision-making. This is one of the main differences that separate their models of decision-making. Their approaches on handling situation alter as well. Corey finds it appropriate to include the client’s insight, which promotes a trusting relationship. He secures this status by informing the client in every stage of the process, promoting the dependent to make an informed decision. In contrast, Dolgoff involves all the parties that affected by the situation, each group provides truths and recommendations that will provide various options to decide the best outcome for the client. Despite their differences in philosophies and approaches, both share the common goal of following an ethical precedent in hopes that counselor’s have can resolve issues to the highest degree of professionalism. In my opinion, complexity yields when there a constriction of conditions that may not allow the situation to reach the full potential of the circumstances. Corey’s models demonstrate those traits. The model he enforces

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