Essay about Ethical Decision Making Of The Human Service Profession

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In the Human Service Profession, there is not one specific ethical decision-making model or guide that can be used to make these types of decisions. However, researchers in the related fields of social work and counseling have developed ethical decision-making tools that can assist human service professionals in their ethical decision-making. Dolgoff, Loewenberg and Harrington (2005) developed the Ethical Principles Screen. This screening tool is prominent in the field of social work and includes seven principles to consider prior to making an ethical decision. The first principle starts with the protection of life and also includes the principles of Equality and Inequality, Autonomy and Freedom, Least Harm, Quality of Life, Privacy and Confidentiality and Truthfulness and Full Disclosure. When dealing an issue with an ethical dilemma, the professional should start with the first principle, and work down the list until the appropriate principle is reached. On the other hand, a commonly used model in the field of counseling is the Ethical Decision Making Model designed by Corey, et al. (2011). This model relies largely on personal values and how the professionals value effect the client. Similar to the Ethical Principles Screen, the model by Corey, et al. (2011) also includes seven steps to consider prior to making an ethical decision. The first step starts with Identify the problem and also contains the steps of Identify the potential issues involved, Review the relevant…

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