Ethical Decision Making : Case Management Essay examples

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Ethical Decision making
Case management is a collaborative process of choosing options and developing services required to meet the health needs of individuals. It involves assessment, planning, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of such options with the aim of providing effective remedies. It exists in an environment that relies on it to solve or resolve problems in health care delivery systems. Proper communication and good resource management are essential factors in promoting quality and cost effective outcomes in each case. Because of the complexity of health problems and the level of communication required among all parties, case managers often face ethical dilemmas. These dilemmas require thorough knowledge of the professional code of ethics to which every practitioner must abide. The code of ethics offers true guidance and support in the resolution of these issues (CCMC, 2009, pg. 3 & 4).
There are certain underlying values that govern how health-care cases are handled. These values are pegged on the belief that case management is a means for promoting client health and wellness through communication, advocacy, education, service facilitation and identification of service resources. They require case managers to recognize the dignity, worth and rights of all individuals, and maintain a high level of commitment to quality outcomes for clients through appropriate resource use. Such efforts should be guided by the principles of beneficence, justice…

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