Essay on Ethical Considerations For A Human Services Worker

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Ethical Considerations for a Human Services Worker

The National Organization of Human Services (n.d.) defines the profession as being unique in the way that it approached the needs of humans. This definition states that human services professionals “focus on prevention as well as remediation of problems, as well as committing to improving the overall quality of life (NOHS, n.d.).” While focusing on remediation of problems for clients, human services workers will face ethical decisions that will need to be considered. These decisions are based on codes of ethics, but also on the human service worker themselves. Lord and Cowen (2011) state “ethical behavior is based on knowing the difference between what is legal and what is moral.” Human services workers are each responsible for choosing the theory that they are going to use, the questions that they are going to ask, and the nonverbal behavior that they employ with each client (Lord and Cowen, 2011). Each worker is responsible for their own actions, which are within their own control. Using this as a guideline, the human services worker would need to begin by viewing each client as an individual. NOHS (2015) code of ethics states that part of the “fundamental values of human services profession includes respecting the dignity and welfare of all people.” Each client is unique, with a unique personality deserving of respect. In order to work effectively, each client would need to feel that they are not just a…

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