Ethical And Unethical Conduct And Decision Making Essay

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Ethical and unethical conduct and decision often result from the emergence of a situation that advances either an ethical deliberation or concern. According to Ferrell and Fraedrich (2016), an ethical issue represents a challenge, opening or situation necessitating an individual or organization to choose from a range of options and that must be appraised as morally right or wrong. Notable, It is important to understand that ethical issues can be interpreted in various ways and are uncertain in the future. Also, ethical issues can be problematic because they induce or incorporate some form of dilemma. In fact, a study by Shapiro, Stefkovich, and Gutierrez, (2014)) has identified moral intensity of an issue and dilemma as critical factors that may affect decision-making.
The paper seeks to identify the ethical dilemma in the present case and identify the most appropriate solution to the issue basing the argument on a range of ethical theories. A final resolution with appropriate validations will also be established
To begin with, an ethical dilemma is a situation where an individual is faced with a conflict based on a wide range of choices making it difficult to make a choice (Hursthouse, 2013). Notably, the various ethical choices available may not be in a capacity to resolve the situation in an ethically acceptable mode. In this case, Jill is faced with an ethical dilemma on whether to recommend Henry as the CEO or not. Noteworthy, there are many conflicting factors,…

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