Vencill Management Audit Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Vencill Management Consulting employees are encouraged to raise issues and open communications about Vencill Management Consulting’s ethics and compliance issues. Employees, customers, suppliers and other Vencill Management Consulting constituencies may also seek guidance, discuss concerns or report issues relative to Vencill Management Consulting’s Code of Conduct.
Vencill Management Consulting employees will not be punished for asking about possible breaches of law, regulation or company policy. Any allegation of a reprisal will be investigated. Vencill Management Consulting’s company president, as well as the management team enforces this policy.
Upon receipt of reasonable indications of suspected noncompliance, the company president along with the management team, as appropriate, will investigate the allegations to determine whether a material violation of the applicable laws, regulations or policies has occurred, and if so, take appropriate steps to correct the
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As part of that responsibility, the management team oversees Vencill Management Consulting’s Code of Conduct.
Vencill Management Consulting’s management team conducts periodic compliance assessments covering an array of regulatory regimes. The compliance assessment program is risk-based and adapts to the business and competitive landscape.
Vencill Management Consulting 's compliance program’s responsibilities include planning and executing audits by reviewing and validating business processes and procedures, systems, financial and operational controls and assessing financial reporting, management reporting and business practices. These compliance assessments should be completed annually or as deemed necessary by the company president or by unforeseen company changes and/or situations.

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