Ethan Frome Reflection

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This paper will present how things change in Ethan Frome. I will mention about how the book jumps back and forth from future to the past and back to future. Then I will mention about the relationship between the characters in Ethan Frome. Next I will talk about the ending of the book. Lastly I will give my opinion about the book and if I would recommend this book to anyone.
When you first star to read the book Ethan Frome it is in the future. The book starts off when a ‘visitor to Starkfield, Massachusetts explains that he “had been sent up” by his “employers on a job” ’ (Stevenson, Pascha Antrence 414). This person had no name in the book which causes the reader to wonder who is telling the story to begin with. The narrator meets Ethan as
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This book was sad and gloomy. ‘Wharton’s use of cold bleak “New England winter as a metaphor for Ethan’s life both past and present” ’ (Bellman Samuel Irving 154) shows how dark the setting was in this story. This story also shows how family married each other during this time which compared todays time is very wired. This is not a common thing you see in today’s generation. “Wharton’s love-hate triangle: Ethan, his wife Zeena, and her cousin Mattie” (Bellman Samuel Irving 154) all start off the same way. The older male falls in love with in love with the younger Female, the one that is more active and lively. Like how Ethan was when he first meet his wife, he fell in love because she seem lively but then she got sick and he slowly fell out of love with her till Mattie came along. Then he fell in love with Mattie until she got to the same state Zeena was …show more content…
If you don’t like gloomy or depressing books I really don’t recommend this book to you. This book will confuse you a lot because the way they talk during this time. This book does not use correct grammar which made it very difficult to understand. When you are so used to the right way to say things it makes it hard to read something that is not written the right way. Now if you are able to understand the language the way this is written then it will be really easy for you to comprehend what is going on in this story. Ethan Frome is a quick a very short book so you might be able to read it in a day if you are looking for a quick read. I really don’t like this book so I don’t plan on reading it again anytime soon. But now after reading this book I picked up on a lot of other things that I never knew before like how smash-up is almost like another word for accident or how incest was a big thing back during the time and how the now we have more cure for illnesses and diseases because we are more high tech now than it was

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