Narrative Essay On 'My Cousin Vinny'

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Aaron Torres Gonzalez
Professor Burns
Bus 117
My Cousin Vinny
“My Cousin Vinny” begins with two students who are from New York deciding to road trip all the way to go to UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) where they will be attending school. However on their way to their future school they stop at a gas station and then are later arrested for the murder of the convenience store clerk. They are mistaken for somebody else who committed the crime but are an example of bad time and bad place due to a large amount of evidence placing them at the scene. While we know that they did not commit the crime they can be facing severe penalties if they are not able to prove their innocence. Luckily Bill’s cousin is Vinny who just
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In order for Billy and Stan to be charged for murder the prosecution would have to prove that the boys went into the store with intent on murdering the store clerk and that it had been premeditated. What makes this difficult to prove is that the prosecution would have to come up with some sort of evidence that showed Billy and Stan having had made some sort of plan in how they would go about murdering the store clerk. Another difficult aspect of this case would also be the fact that there was only really circumstantial evidence and not an eyewitness being there able to say that they saw one of the boys in the act of murdering the store clerk. While the prosecution had several witnesses testifying that they saw the boys near the scene it would warrant enough evidence to cause a trail the difficult part would be connecting all the evidence in a manner that shows the boys premeditated the store clerk’s …show more content…
My cousin Vinny does a decent job of introducing the due process model and showing the complete trail to determine a guilty or not guilty. An odd part of the movie was that the officers arresting the boys seemed to be treating the boys as guilty rather than innocent. They were not read their rights but rather asked if they were aware of them. There was also no line up so no witness really identified the boys but rather said it was who the police presented. “My Cousin Vinny” also shows the arrest of the boys and booking process. A difference between the film and real life is how the booking process was done over the phone in the movie but in real life an officer typically performs the administrative work that is required when admitting a new inmate. This would include the fingerprints, photos and the rest of the steps that occur when someone arrives to jail. Another thing that occurred in the film that does not normally occur in real life is that when in the jail the two boys were placed together. This typically does not happen since it would allow the boys to collude together and agree on what story to tell the officers. Also during a murder trial one would typically get a more experienced attorney than someone who has just passed their bar exam. Another example of an inconstancy between real life and

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