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Every Sunday, in the homes of millions of Americans, men are watching the big football games on their televisions. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the game or not, it has become a ritual to some, to watch the football game. To the casual person, they might wonder why men spend all their time watching football. No other sport is as talked about, and beloved as football is in this country. So then, why is it so popular in this country? Well, football is by far the most popular sport in this country because it has the most exposure to its audience; people of different backgrounds can play, and people in general love its action.
To understand why this game is so popular, you must know that football has more exposure than any other sport. The media have exposed this sport through games, sports networks, and in newspapers. Every football season, fans are looking forward to buying the new ‘ 'Madden ' ' NFL video games, or playing fantasy football online. These
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It has always fascinated me how the game can invoke so much emotion out of its audience. Football is a physical game that challenge the toughness of an individual. So I decided to ask everyone I know the following question; why is such a dangerous sport so fun and entertaining to others? The response I received was quite overwhelming; it is an escape from life. Every single time the ball is snapped it is an adrenaline rush to know that you must be tough and outplay your competition. When the audience is observing this as it happen, and they are inspired to root for the team that is giving it their all. For three hours every Sunday, anyone can watch a physical game of football, knowing that their favorite team is an extension of themselves representing their fighting spirit. In the real world, violent people are condemned. However, in football, people can let out their frustrations and root for their favorite football

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