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Water Pollution All around the world, many plants, animals and people are dying because of poor water conditions. On top of that, many ecosystems, both land and aquatic are being destroyed by the dumping of toxic materials. Fresh water is already very limited in the world today without pollutants included in it. More than half the developing world does not fresh, clean water to drink. Water pollution shrinks the amount of clean drinking water for everyone. Aquatic life is also being majorly affected by the pollutants in the water. Once it gets into one organism, it will get into most others in the food chain. Water pollution is extremely harmful to the environment, drinking water and all forms aquatic life.

Water pollution poses a
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Many people all around the world do not have clean water to drink, according to the UNICEF “ More than 3000 children die globally due to the consumption of contaminated drinking water.” (40 Facts about Water Pollution). It is not just in developing countries that the drinking water is contaminated, More than 582 different types of highly toxic chemicals were found in the United States drinking water supply. All of these chemicals were produced, manufactured, and stored in the U.S. Most of these chemicals came from carelessly dumping toxic materials into rivers, streams, and ponds. Globally, water pollution is to blame for around 2.3 billion illness and around 5 million deaths. Most of these happen in developing countries because of the lack of fresh water to begin with. Water pollution in any country, only subtracts from the global amount of fresh water. Factory farming which is to blame for toxic runoff and pollutants getting into the groundwater, and industrial dumping only lowers the amount of drinking water for everyone worldwide. Just as much as water pollution affects drinking water, it also affects aquatic …show more content…
This is not true however, almost everything thrown away will eventually reach the ocean whether it is the common household garbage, toxic chemicals from detergents and industry, or even fertilizers from factory farms. Once it reaches the ocean it will not go away for many years causing harm to the drinking water and all aquatic life because of its slow decomposition rates. A plastic bottle takes an estimated 450 years to decompose where items like Styrofoam never decompose. An article from 11 Facts About Pollution states, “The Mississippi River carries an estimated 1.5 million tons of nitrogen pollution into the Gulf each year creating a dead zone the size of New Jersey each Summer.”(11 Facts about Pollution). The chemicals do not dissolve in the ocean quickly making the ocean more and more polluted each year. Over 1.2 trillion gallons of sewage is dumped into the United States water supply each year. In the next couple of decades, the groundwater is certain spots will be polluted to the point where it can not be used as drinking water. Water pollution is a serious threat even if most people do not realize it is

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