Essay On The Guardian Angel

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Still very hurt, and feeling unbelievable pain Augustine would continue her walk through the woods. She didn 't know exactly where she was going, but she knew that she wanted to be far away from her family as possible. Not only that, the fact she wanted to do what her mother tried to do for her years ago made her feel, that was something her mother had died for. She wanted to do the best see could avenge her, and her doing this made her think about how her mother fled with her in these woods that she currently fled from. Augustine had been on the move for practically a whole day now. It was in the evening at sunset where she had left her house just yesterday, and the sun today began to drop. Augustine knew that she was extremely exhausted, and had to find somewhere for her to rest. In the back of her mind, she knew that she …show more content…
She would then turn around to follow the voice, and as she looked around a bright light nearly blinded her, when the sudden blast of light finally died down, two being appeared, both dressed in white cloth, and each of them had wings. Augustine would quickly identify her guardian angel Dimitris, however, she didn 't recognize the other angel who accompanied them. The other angel was a female with dark skin, and hair or black wool, Demetris would then say to Augustine, birds of a feather always fly together. Dimitris joking as always wanted to toy with Augustine, for a moment, what do you mean? asked Augustine puzzled at what Demetrios was talking about. Well does this ring a bell? said Demetrios as he held out the twig the dove had dropped. Augustine became even more confused, now, how did you get that? She answered still trying to figure out what was going on. The other angel stood beside Demetris silent but continued to smile staring at Augustine. Augustine still didn 't know who she was but continued to speak with her guardian

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