Essay On The Benefits Of Getting A College Degree

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“I don’t want to spend any more time in school! I’m sick of it, and I am not going to college,” is what most high school students say at some point in their life or maybe even daily, but most students do not realize that attending college could be a life transforming decision that determines and affects their future in drastic ways. College has many high school students questioning if receiving a college degree is truly worth it, and in the eyes of many researchers, yes, it is completely worth it for many significant reasons. Those reasons include: college graduates earn a substantial amount more with many more job opportunities when they have a college degree, they also have greater job stability, along with further benefits, which will overall make for a more lucrative life. Not …show more content…
For one thing, as mentioned before, going to college allows the graduate to obtain a more prominent job, and from that job they will receive many more benefits, such as health benefits like health insurance, social skills, networking abilities, competence to solve complex problems, and the ability to think analytically and critically to make the best choice. College also gives the grad life skills, notably responsibility and self-discipline, that will ensure and help them to live a successful life. Interesting enough, people with college degrees are found to live a longer, healthier life than those with a high school diploma. In fact, 83% of college graduates reported to be in excellent health, while only 73% of high school graduates reported the same (Is College Education Worth It?, 2013). Henceforth, college does not just provide the graduate a job to earn a living off of, but also college equips that graduate with the tools and skills they need to overall live a more responsible, successful, healthier

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