What Are The Flaws In School

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Having an education is something that has become a big deal in the world today. Schooling is a major factor for kids starting in kindergarten all the way to a senior in college, schooling is something that helps a child develop in life. This gives a good source for a job in ones future. A man by the name Mike Rose was a guy that wanted to be, “Just average”. An average person in the world of education. He had the smarts that nobody could see, an Italian boy in school where even physical education was harsh. Today, it seems as though education and education flaws have gotten worse in society.
Test taking is one educational flaw today. Taking a test now seems to always be multiple choice. There is no thinking to a multiple choice test, a student
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Sometimes a student can have a great GPA and good grades but then when it comes to taking a SAT or ACT they might choke and do bad on the tests. Teachers or colleges then have a reason look at a student as not knowledgeable. By being automatically judged by the test taking skill they have this could mean a huge change in someone’s future. Although the student could be top of class smart, but not good at taking tests could seriously alter their college plans. Is it fair for a student to be judged off of the way they take a test or should it be seen inside the work they do in the classroom, the moment they learn it and write it down? This cite also says that most of the time students are not taught anything that is truly useful. That many young adults do not know how to balance a check book or even write a check, in addition to knowing the Pythagorean Theorem an how to balance a chemical equation. All of this is being taught in high schools, although is a college level. The things students need most in life are being taught at the wrong …show more content…
Having budget cuts can mean a shorter school year, some high schools have went to four days a week, meaning that is one less day for a student to learn and they do not get these days back. Having students out can make it to were a student tends to forget what they have learned, kind of like when summer comes. Cutting back a day a week means that the schools can reduce costs and pay for teachers. Another negative effect budget cut has is the effects on community property taxes. As an example, “New Jersey has seen a shrink in tax revenues. Local property- tax incomes are expected to plummet at taxpayers in several of their neighborhoods.” “The case of New Jersey also brings out the fact that, students who need extra learning for them to understand are denied the opportunity and is likely to end up

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