Essay On Should We Go To War

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At the moment, America is facing a great conflict in the year of 1812. The conflict is whether we go to war with Britain. This problem has caused many arguments. In my opinion, America should not go to war with Britain because the British is turning the Indians against the U.S. and it is making it very dangerous to be around the Indians, no one will benefit from it, and that it will create more greed. However, many do not agree with us who believes we should go to war. For example, if we go to war, it will bring honor to America. I spoke with Henry Clay, a Kentucky congressman, who is for the war. He says that honor is our most valuable thing to America at the moment since we are a new nation. He also states that the British does not respect the American flag and will keep doing it until we lose all of our honor and respect.
Even though Henry Clay has a good reason that we should go to war, but there are many other reasons why we should not. Such as, if we go to war, it will give the Indians a very powerful ally. The British have been trying to turn the Indians against America and if they do, then the
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To explain, I spoke with John Bradford who is a Virginia senator who agrees that going to war with Britain is a bad idea. He states that the only people who will profit from this war is speculators, contractors, and anyone who supplies the military. To add on, he states that the people will be the only one's suffering from this war because it it's their blood. John Bradford says that the people who claim that the British are the only one's doing wrong, but they are incorrect. France has done so as well. They have also taken our ships and captured our sailors. Not only will the people be suffering and the British getting all the blame, but there will also be an uprising of slaves to their masters which will cause more blood. As you can see, no body will benefit from this

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