Self Reflection On Study Skills

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After completing the self-assessments for soft skills and study skills there has been an improvement in the scores compared to when I first took the assessments in the beginning of the semester. The topic I scored highest on remained on “Discovering Self-Motivation.” This time though my score is letting me know that the choices I make will keep me on track. At the start of my semester I was having difficulties in building interest in the classes I was taking. This was due to the fact that I lacked an understanding of why I was taking the classes in the first place. I looked over the classes I was currently taking and knew that the courses I had were important toward my goal of graduating with a Health Science major. I built motivation by developing …show more content…
This played a big role in my performance in school, but with this assessment I was able to pinpoint the areas that I needed to improve on. The biggest differences in the assessment were based on the topics regarding “Becoming an Active Learner,” and “Organizing Study Materials.” Whenever I focused on studying, my plan wasn’t to learn the information being provided for the long term but instead to cram the information enough just to do well on the exam. Because of this, most of my study skills were preventing me from processing the information provided toward deep learning. When I focus today on becoming an active learner I do a number of things. First, I use a number of different deep-processing strategies when it comes to difficult subjects to try and figure out which strategy will help me the most. Some strategies that I use the most is self-evaluating. I practice this by answering questions provided on my text or answering online quizzes provided on the subject. Flashcards are another great tool to help me self-evaluate myself and can be carried around …show more content…
To go in depth, this includes any short term goals and long term goals. I believe that personal goals are a form of measurement that tells you if you are leading a path of success. Another big role in determining my own academic success is my present emotions or feelings toward my progress. If I can say that I am satisfied with what I have accomplished without having any regrets than I am certainly accomplishing academic success. My long term goal is to work in a Healthcare profession. I enjoy working in an environment that focuses on helping those who ask for help or need it. To set this goal in motion I created a bunch of smaller goals that will lead to the completion of my main goal. Some of my goals that I set this semester was getting A’s and B’s with my classes. I made sure that I made my goals were reachable, dated, positive, specific, and my own and not someone else’s goal. When I first started at Stonybrook my goals were very difficult to reach. I packed my schedule with high level classes and with high expectations. The only problem was that I wasn’t putting in the work required to get the grade I wanted. After I failed to achieve the goals that I had set my motivation fell very low and so did my other classes. I took On Course with the hopes of being able to realign myself toward the direction of success. One of the very first things I did was create proper goals

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