Essay On Restaurant Food

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When you were a small child your parents would cook your meals unless you went to a restaurant. Not knowing how your food was made, you would eat every last bite of what was in front of you and know it was good for you. The image of your mom or dad preparing you a meal was proof enough of the foods health benefits. There is not a good parent in the world that wants their child to be unhealthy, unlike your average restaurant cook. Most restaurant foods consist of face pace, easily ready cooking ingredients and methods. Instead of cooking a wholesome meal catered individually with care and health in mind, most restaurants tend to cook false flavored, high sugar and over salted foods that bring in the most income, which is overlooked sometimes …show more content…
People who ate much healthier lived much longer lives because of their eating habits. If a person died young it was most likely because of other causes. In reality the human lifespan has been consistent for man, only recently increasing a little thanks to advancements in medicine. Benjamin Radford, an American writer, explains in his science column that “the maximum human lifespan concept is often confused with “life expectancy” which in reality has remained more or less the same for thousands of years. The idea that our ancestors routinely died young (say, at age 40), has no basis in scientific fact. When Socrates died at the age of 70 around 399 B.C., he did not die of old age, but instead by execution. It is ironic that ancient Greeks lived into their 70s and older, while more than 2,000 years later modern Americans aren’t living much longer”. This could be the reason why some of us have do not ever get to meet our great …show more content…
If you look on the back of a food package and look at the ingredients list, you can see that there is more than just food listed, if any at all. These extra ingredients can include preservatives, colorants and chemicals that enhance the taste of foods. Preservatives are contained in processed foods to keep them from rotting an attempt to solve the food waste problem. Colorants are chemicals used to give foods a certain color and appear more appetizing. There are even chemicals in certain foods that give them a certain flavor and texture. These chemicals are just a few of the many additional chemicals found in a typical convince food item. With all of these chemicals and ways that foods are altered today, it is hard to believe that we are eating real food. In reality, we are eating chemical waste that taste like foods that we used to

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