Reconstruction In The South To The 1900s

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Reconstruction in The South to the 1900s

After the Civil War, r econstruction was a difficult process, especially in the South. during this reconstruction process there was a lot of plans and changes like Lincoln’s plan and how people like Wade and Davis try to change it. Also during reconstruction there was a lot changing for the blacks as well.
December of 1863, Abraham Lincoln had a plan of Reconstruction which is known as the Ten-Percent Plan. At least 10 percent of state voters takes a promise or a oath to show support to the Constitution and Union. The Government could legally make a new government. The Proclamation was assumed that authority for Reconstruction would belong to the president. It also offered a full pardon or amnesty
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They had two leaders, Senator Benjamin Wade, and Representative Henry Winter Davis. The Radical Plan taken Lincoln’s Ten-Percent Plan into a more stricter idea toward the peole, the Wade-Davis Bill was created to place the authority for reconstruction with the Congress. The Wade-Davis Bill required at least 50 percent of a seceded state voters take the oath of loyalty before the state could reestablish its government. It also had harsh punishments for the former Confederates. Some of the punishments were that “no person who has held or apply any office, civil or military, state or confederate, under the rebel arrest, or who has voluntarily borne arms against the United States, shall be eligible to be elected as delegate” (Ruggiero 6).
This meaning that if a person has gone against the U.S. for any reason or went under rebel arrest can’t be a participant to be elected as a delegate for the government. The next punishment is that...
The convention shall acknowledge, on behalf of the people of the state, their deference to the constitution and laws of the following provisions and cover them in the Constitution of the state, that is to say. No person who has held or apply any office, civil or military, under the assume power, shall vote for or to be a member of the legislature, or governor. Involuntary servitude is always prohibited, and the freedom of all persons is approved(Ruggiero
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This was under the terms of the Reconstruction Acts. New state governments were dominated by the Republican party. The governments had three main groups the Black Southerners, White Northerners also known as the carpetbaggers, and Southern white supporters of Reconstruction who were known as scalawags by enemies. The purpose of the Reconstruction governments was to restore the southern economy and also to protect the rights of the freedmen. The southern legislatures took charge of rebuilding roads, bridges, also public buildings and new railroads. The legislatures passed laws designed to make sure blacks could participate to be as full citizens in the South. Statewide public schools were also established, which offered free education to millions of children of both

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