The Importance Of Textbooks In College

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College students have no reason to buy the textbook by themselves. Because the textbook in college is so expensive that some students cannot afford the fee. Furthermore, most of students spend a lot of time to search the way to buy the cheapest one online. While students finished using it, they can give back to the college.if students and college do so, they will save their money and protect the environment. Consequently, like high-school textbooks, college textbooks should be purchased by the school and loaned to students for the duration of a course. Nowadays, the price of textbooks in college are becoming more and more higher than before. According to the research, the price for new textbooks has been rising about 6% a year, says a report …show more content…
The 82% increase in textbook prices since 2002 compares with a 28% rise in the overall Consumer Price Index during the same period.[Schick, David Schick, and Mary Beth Marklein] In my case, I am attending the Math class in the college, and I bought the math textbook it cost me more than 200 dollars. It was too expensive for me to buy it. However, some students might have more classes than me. So I imagine college students not only are spending money for tuition, but also paying a lot for the textbooks. However, not every student such as poor students or whose family should support more than 3 children to study in the college in the same time that have enough money to buy the textbooks. This is one of the reasons that more and more college students cannot continue to study in college. Moreover, there are a lot of classes order students to buy the textbooks, but professors do not use textbooks regularly or just never use textbooks. Therefore, college students just spent money to buy or borrow it but doing nothing. By the way, the textbook in college will not update every year, but publisher still copy a lot of textbooks every year. In …show more content…
Consequently, students should buy the textbook by themselves. Nevertheless, there are 3 benefits for students and colleges if the college buys the textbooks. It helps students save money and time. In addition, it reduces the stress for the poor students to survive in college. The College can recycle the books. It will attract more and more students to study in the college and college doesn’t lose a lot of money on it. For example, Lewis Clark state college has a program called IIE. They buy the textbook and allow students to borrow the book them, so the students do not need to pay the fee about the textbook. The only situation that students must pay is students lost it or broke it. Usually, per student only need 1 or 2 minutes to obtain the book by writing down the signature. These things do not spend so much

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