Peer Pressure Among College Students (STD)

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One in four college students has an STD. Some of these STDs are curable, however, many are not, and one will live with it for the rest of their lives. Overall, the CDC estimates the 19 million new sexually transmitted infections occurs each year (10 Truly Shocking Stats On STDs and College Students, 2015). Schools should have more sex education. The reasons to why is because there are a lot of teens are getting pregnant, STDs, and STIs. Students need information about in order to make choices, understand the risks, and see the long-term consequences of it.
Peer pressure is not something easy to deal with. Now and days peer pressure is like a trend in society. Peer pressure can come to you in a variety of ways. It can come from social media
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When you come in contact with STDs, you don 't want anyone to find out when you do. You are afraid of the embarrassment and the shame of you having that disease. If you’re in a relationship and you find the devastating news that you have an STDs, can cause you to start depressing. Not only do you have to think about you having the STD. You also have to think about your partner being unfaithful to you which can push you farther into depression. Now you can start feeling insecure and start to have trust issues. Feeling like you can’t trust your next partner because of your last’s lack of loyalty (Emotional Pain of STD Diagnosis 2015). Many of STDs are curable, however, they are some that aren’t like Herpes, HIV/AIDS and HPV/Warts (Curable Treatable and Incurable STDs 2015). Think about how an individual would feel if they found out that they came in contact with one of these diseases.
Due to the lack of knowledge about pregnancy, many teens become pregnant Teens reached the highest rate in 1991 (61.8 births per 1,000 teen girls aged 15-19). Between 2005 and 2006 these rates are said to have increased by approximately 3 percent (Barr 9). Studies show that the reason why these teens are becoming pregnant at a young age because they don 't know how to prevent it. Some may be happy and want to keep the baby and there’s some that don’t. Therefore, they go and get the abortion proceeded done. There are
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Staying abstinent is a decision that you have to make every day. The first thing that you need to do is realize why you are practicing to stay abstinent. Along with abstinence comes self-respect. Stick to your decision until you can think about it with a clear head. Don 't anything because you are pressured (Preventing Pregnancy and STDs 2015). Thinking about the aftermath of sex, that along will help you to stick to your decision. Being abstinent can also minimize you from getting emotional trauma, such as depression, anxiety, fear of commitment, and insecurity. Choosing abstinence is a lifestyle choice. Every day brings challenges that test one 's commitment to "staying pure" until marriage. (Practice Abstinence 2015). Abstinence includes the desire to focus your energy on what’s more important. These things could be education, career, or extracurricular activities (Practice Abstinence 2015) What many don 't tell you is that abstinence can be very hard for some people. When you get tired of being abstinent, this is the point where you start to ask your doctor about birth control (Preventing Pregnancy and STDs

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