Essay On Organized Sports

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John Gerdy strongly believes that organized sports do not benefit children which he wrote about in his article “Organized Sports Do Not Benefit Children”. Gerdy believes children today can adjust and work out problems on their own without the problem escalating. Gerdy also thinks the children shouldn’t get involved in organized sport until the age of thirteen. Gerdy doesn’t agree that children at a young age actually learn anything or have benefits from organized sports besides specific skills. Being in organized sports can help and benefit children. Children don’t always know how to adjust and may need guidance. Children should start to play in organized sports at a younger age to get adjusted. Even though children do learn a lot of skills in organized sports that’s not the only thing that’s benefited from them. John said , “ Children learn to adjust on their own”. Children at a young age don’t always know how to solve a problem on their own. They may not know how to control their emotions .In a pickup game one child may be playing unfair and the other children may not approach the situation the right way. Another child may start playing …show more content…
Another point that the author spoke on was,” Other than specific skills and techniques, children learn very little from adult-organized athletics”. Even though there is some truth in his statement there are other benefits you gain by being in adult organized sports. The most enjoyable thing about being on an organized sports team is all the traveling they do. Kids of all ages go around the country playing each other to challenge themselves and to get better . They also get to enjoy the sites and towns they never seen or been to before. When the children do get to travel they also get exposure. Different universities will start noticing them so they will be in the running for scholarships. Development of skills isn’t the only thing you benefit from playing organized

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