Essay On Mexican Mission System

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The mission systems for Mexican-American history involved a wide view, during its retrospect it was known as a sequence of missions that were established by Franciscan Monks in California and in the Spanish Southwest that obligated Indians into converting to Catholicism to employ themselves as agricultural laborers. An overall Mexican California that was an outbreak of dramatic strain that initiated the pros and cons of the mission system because of the changes in politics, religion, and economic dominance. The mission system also broadly focused on Mexican-Americans in their cultural and social outcomes. The mission system involved Arizona, California, and Texas. The mission life during the times of the mission systems focused mainly on their religion. The new natives were taught the typical and expected ways of the Catholic life and faith. The native women were forced upon the necessity of being nuns because in this system, that was their …show more content…
Throughout Sonora and areas of Arizona he discovered twenty different missions. The Spanish missions in California were of an idea to widespread religious and politics. The new settlers of California discovered many European plants, vegetables, and livestock. "Missionaries immediately began both the physical and spiritual conquest of the indigenous people..." ( De La Torre 367). The point of missionizing in California was to fundamentally focus on converting the "faith" of those from Catholicism, educating, and to humanize the indigenous new settlers. A huge mission of Franciscans was also set in Los Angeles, California that was the one that faced a huge resistance of the Indians. The Spanish missions in Texas were something different. They too, wanted to widespread a religion that was not Catholicism, but

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